Arrow Global


Arrow is a recognized leader in managing a best-in-class, globally complex supply chains and logistics operation. Combining this expertise with acquisitions made in the Reverse Logistics space provides expansive services offerings.
  • Product Returns Management

    Arrow provides expertise to manage the flow of materials through the reverse supply chain with solutions focused on inventory control, service spares management techniques, product returns management and remarketing. Learn how Arrow can safely drive efficiencies in your reverse logistics operations.

  • Spare Parts Management

    Arrow manages customers’ spare parts programs to reduce a technology-driven organization’s inventory and costs while improving service levels to your internal and external partners through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

  • Surplus Inventory Management

    Through the online store offered by Verical, an Arrow-owned company, options that quickly turn surplus components and finished systems into recovered value.

  • Remarketing

    Arrow helps generate revenue from your product returns once returned materials have passed inspection through Resolve, an Arrow-owned company.

Why Arrow Services?

Arrow guides customers through some of the technology world's most challenging issues - delivering practical solutions that allow customers to focus on the things they do best. As a recognized leader in managing one of the most complex supply chain and logistics operations around the world, Arrow has combined a history of innovation and acquisitions to provide measurable benefits across all stages of the technology lifecycle.

Engineering and design, as well as production services provide our customers with:
  • Improved efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and reliability
  • Reduced risk and total costs
  • Improved ability to focus on critical priorities while Arrow does the legwork
Reverse Logistics and End of Life services and solutions that drive:
  • Reduced total costs
  • Improved service levels
  • Protection of data security & brand reputation
  • Maximum asset value recovery