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New Up-Down Converter and Mixer Parts

Date Released Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Description Details
May 7, 2015 LTC5576IUF#PBF
Linear Technology Linear Technology announced the new LTC5576, 3GHz to 8GHz High Linearity Active Upconverting Mixer. Details

Reference Designs

Linear Technology
Using part LT5520EUF
Analog Devices
Using part ADRF6603ACPZ

LT5520EUF Demo Board, High Signal Level Upconverting Mixer

ADRF6603-EVALZ, Evaluation Board For ADRF6603, 2100 Mhz to 2600 MHZ Rx Mixer With Integrated Fractional-N PLL and VCO

Up-Down Converter and Mixer Application Notes

Application Title & Description Author
RF and Microwave BGA2022, RX mixer 880, 1950 and 2450 MHz
NXP Semiconductors
RF and Microwave A 450-470 MHz Front End Mixer for CDMA Application Using IAM-92516 Passive GaAs FET Mixer with Integrated LO Buffer
Avago Technologies
RF and Microwave Using The MGA-61563 at 3500 MHz for IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) Low Noise Amplifier
Avago Technologies
RF and Microwave The RF2411 General Purpose UHF Downconverter IC
RF Micro Devices
RF and Microwave Silicon Microwave Monolithic IC
Renesas Electronics