Arrow Global

The #1 Passive, Electromechanical, and Connectors (PEMCO) Distributor*

As the leading distributor of (PEMCO) passive, electromechanical, and connector products in the Americas, Arrow offers one of the largest line cards in the industry. The Arrow line card features top suppliers offering the full spectrum of 13 different interconnect, passive, and electromechanical technologies, to meet all your design needs. Arrow has the availability of these parts to build your complete solutions, and is backed by a strong pipeline to deliver them on time. We offer a full range of services from cut reels for small order quantities to connector assembly, and more.

Our full coverage of passive, electromechanical, and connector manufacturers is supported by the technical expertise of our dedicated sales engineers, who are experienced with the latest innovations to help you design in the right parts from the start. Arrow’s comprehensive support can lower your costs and assist at any point in your design, from concept to production, and over the entire life of your product.

*From Electronic Designs' Top Distributor Study 2011


Protect all your applications with our vast selection of overcurrent or overvoltage protection.
Arrow has a wide range of oscillators, crystals and SAW filters to meet all your clock rate to timing management design needs.
Our wide breadth of magnetics including inductors and transformers provides the noise suppression and power filtering you need.
Whether you need fixed, variable or even sensing resistors, choose from our wide selection for all your design needs.
Broad selection of surface mount, radial, axial, aluminum electrolytic, multilayer ceramic and more.


Arrow offers one of the broadest selections of power products including off-the-shelf and custom power modules giving you all the options you need for all you design needs.
Our broad line of relays from top manufacturers range from high to low power as well as various application specific relays allowing us to help all your design challenges.
Arrow’s expansive offering of switches from reset switches to the most complex rotary–encoded devices gives you the options you need for any application.
Arrow has the top manufacturers in sensing providing a broad range from hall, proximity temperature, and pressure to programmable.
Cooling is a key part of any design and Arrow’s line-up of fans, blowers, impellers, heat sinks, fan sinks, and accessories can solve all your thermal management challenges.